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At Carranza Flooring, as your flooring contractor, I believe you deserve excellent flooring for your money and lifestyle, so I offer various services to help you find what’s right. The company is located in Monon, IN and the area.

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Hardwood, Laminate & Lvp Flooring

Hardwood, Laminate & Lvp Flooring

I have a hardwood and laminate flooring installation company, and I have got you covered. I will come to your house, measure your space, and discuss installing the perfect floor. I will bring samples for you to try out so that no matter what kind of flooring you're looking for - vinyl, hardwood, or laminate - I can help you find the right fit. I will even do a site visit if you want me to!
Tile Installation

Tile Installation

Do you want to install tile in your home but need to know how? I do! I have a flooring company that specializes in tile installation. I will install any tile you want on any surface - walls, floors, ceilings - and even help you find the perfect tile for your project. The tile floor crack repair has all the tools and experiences you need to complete the job.
Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation

The flooring company with a unique approach to drywall installation. I believe installing drywall is done by hand, so I don't use machines or other shortcuts. As a contractor, I have been doing this for years and am an expert in the field. I provide you with a quality drywall installation service for your needs. 


The framing service is designed to help you frame your flooring most attractively and timelessly. I don't just want to sell you a product; I want to help you create the perfect space. The frames are made with care and attention to detail so that your flooring will always look incredible - and so will your walls.
Tree Removal

Tree Removal

The tree removal service is a quick and efficient way to clear space for your new flooring without worrying about climbing up ladders or removing branches yourself. Instead, I will remove any trees in your way so you can get back to work quickly and easily.


When you're ready to waterproof your flooring, you'll want a solution as durable and long-lasting as your dedication to quality. That's why I use only the highest-quality waterproofing service products on the market. I am a certified professional who has been trained in all aspects of waterproofing and am ready to put my expertise to work for you!
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by Terence Fox on Carranza Flooring
Happy Customer!

I highly recommend this incredible flooring service. The team did a great job with my floor! They were friendly and professional, and they did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves.

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Carranza Flooring
Monon, IN 47959
Phone: (219) 604-0151

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Benefits of my flooring service:

I ensure your floors look great and last as long as possible. So when I leave after providing my excellent services and installing your new flooring (or repairing it), you’ll be confident that everything is installed correctly and will last through many years’ worth of wear and tear.

How is the work done?

My working process involves first identifying the problem area. Then removing the damaged part from your floor. As a hardwood floor installation expert craftsman, I am well-trained in the respective fields, which enables me to provide high-quality workmanship at all times.

Additional Areas

Carranza Flooring‘s services are available in these locations:

  • Logansport, IN;
  • West Lafayette, IN;
  • Lafayette, IN;
  • Valparaiso, IN;
  • Peru, IN

If you want to know more, contact me at (219) 604-0151 in Monon, IN or schedule an appointment.

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